Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday - Why we live in Florida

We all headed out to the beach for lunch last Sunday, and spent the rest of the afternoon there. The girls enjoyed playing on the playground, and while it was sunny, it was still just around 70 with a mighty breeze, so they were bundled up to start off.

Leah has really mastered the monkey bars and was swinging with ease all the way across.

Leah took a tumble and Granddaddy was there to cheer her up.
It wasn't long before the girls made their way to the water.
Trying to build a sandcastle, I'm sure by the end of the summer we'll all be experts.
Mom & Laura

The girls flying their kites they got from Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop. It was a perfect kite flying day.

The water was just too enticing, and before long Laura's pants were soaked.

Feeding the seagulls. Since we are locals, and know the rules when it comes to feeding the birds, you must move away from people. I have been pooped on and had a seagull drop a fish on my towel, so I know that with the birds come all those possibilities. As you can see in the next pictures, I just gave up and changed the girls into their bathing suits. It was pretty breezy, but they were having just too much fun jumping in the water to keep their regular clothes on.

The one down side to the beach is all that sand that wants to go home with you. Dad was such a gentleman and dusted the girls' feet off, and Mom even got the good treatment too.

Next door a local Kite Shop was hosting a Kite Day and they had some really impressive kites flying.


Natalie said...

What a fun day! It sounds like you are just like us. Every time we go fully dressed, we end up soaked and then we just wish we had put Kennedy in her swim suit to start. That's so fun how they can match. Mom did that with me and my sister too.

Jen said...

Great pictures, Amanda! You are becoming quite the photographer. I love the pictures of the girls on the beach.