Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Last Day of Spring Break

Friday, the sunshine finally returned, and we made our way up to a local nature walk that Leah had been looking forward to all week. After 3 days of rain seeing the sun really lifted our spirits and we had a great time walking and looking for birds, lizards and turtles.You see how the girls were dressed in the above picture, maybe a little overdressed as it did warm up, but check out these crazy teenage boys jumping into the creek.

Look at those curls, she does not have my hair that's for sure.
See the swimming platform under the water, with all of the rain the creek was up by several feet.
Laura has to push the envelope, I told her she could go to the last step before the water.
All tuckered out, but we still had to walk back. I did give in and offered Laura a piggyback ride for part of the way.
I guess the animals were enjoying the sunshine too, we saw several lizards, a fellow walker pointed out a turtle floating by in the creek, and we saw lots of birds stirring around in the trees.
After walking on the creek trail, we went to another park, we were going to take full advantage of the gorgeous day! Luckily I keep way too much stuff in my car, and I was able to change the girls out of their sweaters, it reached up to the 70's.

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Natalie said...

Where was it that you went??? I have a brother in town and I am on the search for fun things that we can do that don't cost a bunch of money!! That looks like a great little place. I'm up for any other ideas you have too!