Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day at the Park

 We are blessed with some beautiful days in the Sunshine State we call home, and this was one of them. 


Rolling down the green hill, over and over!

 And playing keep away, Daddy, the biggest kid of them all.  Leah Won!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laura's Muppets 7th Birthday Party

The skating rink that I grew up going to has become a favorite place for my girls to visit as well.  Laura set her sights on the rink as the place to hold her 7th Birthday Party.  She shares her Daddy's love of the Muppets, and that was her theme for the day.
To make the day even more special for both  girls, we got them their very own skates and some pads to help break any falls.

Dad helping out, I have pictures of myself with him in almost the exact same pose.

Joe and Laura, looking like old pros on the rink.

Go Dad!
Lots of Laura's friends from all aspects of her life joined in on the fun day.

Friends since pre-school, Laura & Emily.
And now the Moms, Melissa & me.

Savannah, Leah & Laura
Mom helping sisters, Carla & Jocelynn.

Kim, Cassidy & Riley

A little party touch up, you can probably almost hear Laura saying, "Oh, Mom!"

Game time, it's kind of like hot potato, and the last one in wins.  Somehow it's always the Birthday guest that wins, great idea!

 After all that skating and games the kids were ready for some cake, and of course it was Muppets all the way!
The smiles make all the effort so worth it.  Love to see my girls so happy celebrating another year of a beautiful life!
Sweet sister moment...Awwwww.

Make a wish!

Mom & I enjoying the cake.  One rule of life, never turn down a piece of Cakemaster's Cake!

Corbin, Cody, Harrison & Ramon
Herman helping out with some of the guests, Soleil, Courtney, Kailee & Clara.
Present time!

Leah with one of her best friends, Carla.
 What a happy day!