Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 After a night of partying with Mickey & friends we took it easy the next morning.  When we arrived, Joe darted straight for Soarin' to get our fast passes, as it is one of the most popular rides at Epcot and with no fastpass, you can wait forever!  While Joe was nice enough to do that I took the girls with my parents to The Sea and hopped right on a clam shell for a ride with Nemo.
 And of course said hi to our good friend Bruce!
 And Nemo was there too...
 Hey, who let the seahorse in? 
 The wall of fish is just amazing! 

 Joe made it back and got hugs for being so sweet and making the mad dash across Epcot!

 Laura had seen this hat for a couple of days, and it just HAD to be her souvenir for the day.
 The sun came out and warmed up that December day.
 Mexico all decorated for Christmas, just beautiful!
 Laura in the lead.

 The drums just draw my girls right in, and I think they could beat on those thing for hours.

 This picture is funny, because I have a smiliar one of them sitting on the same place, only in the real Venice

 As you can see in this picture, by the end of the day we had to start piling the layers on, Laura even had to wear my jacket over all of her things.  You never know with Florida weather, just be prepared!

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