Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disney's Movie Studios

 There are must do's in all the parks, and for our family, the Toy Story ride is one of them.  Joe & set off across the park as we usually do and gathered all the fastpasses.  With those in hand, we headed off for our first experience of the day, the new and updated Star Wars ride.  Normally, the Stormtroopers aren't so friendly, but it's Disney, and well, everyone is friendly at Disney, right?
  R2D2 at the driver's seat, nothing to worry about there.
 C3PO seemed a little worried though as we set off on our ship.
 Next up, the Muppets!

 And of course The Beauty and The Beast musical show, with a few extra friends that we picked up along the way.
 It is funny how often we all look at the maps, considering how many times we've been here.  I think we could give tours of the parks by now.

 Who does Leah see?

 Why it's Phineas & Ferb!!!

 The girls were asked to come join them for a skit, but I couldn't convince them to do it.

 And these are the brave souls that decided to give the audience participation a try.  The big guy with the hat was hilarious.
 Using our fastpasses at Toy Story, as we walk past the very tired, cranky people standing in line we are so glad that we are not them. 
 Face painting, heaven for Laura, there are not many time she would sit this still and be this quiet.

 We had a delicious dinner with the Fantasmic Package at The Brown Derby, pretty fancy for park food.  It is a little pricey, but once again, cuts your wait time down to almost nothing.  In our minds, it's worth it.  Here's Eric & Ariel coming around in the parade of characters on the water.

 Joe & Laura, hand in hand, how cute is that?
 Another Christmas spectacle not to be missed, The Osbourne Lights. 

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