Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Most Favorite Time of the Year!

  As soon as the Turkey leftovers are finished off, it's time to put up Christmas decorations.  Our house favors a ski chalet, and in Florida, might stick out like a sore thumb most of the year, but it is absolutely made for a giant Christmas tree!
 Each year as we put up the decorations, I take special pride in putting up my sister Lynn's from our childhood.  It gives me an opportunity to talk about her to my girls, and it almost feels like they know her.
 And of course Sparklelily helps too.
 How could we not be smiling when we are greeted by this beauty every day of the Christmas season?
 Hunter found his favorite place under the tree.
 The Elf, Shivers, went right to work keeping an eye on us and keeping Santa updated.

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