Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A November Visit & My Birthday

 We are always so happy to have a visit from Rachel & Ava.  The girls play endlessly and there are usually a few tears when it's time to leave.  On this day we had a unique visitor in our backyard, a turtle.
  We treated him like any other visitor, offering him/her a selection of snacks.
 "Yeah, Aunt Rachel is here!"
 The morning after a spend the night.
 Sparklelily getting hugs, whether she wants them or not.

While our family was visiting, it just happened to be my Birthday!
 Me & my Mom.
 Laura, Ava & Leah
 Modeling my pretty new scarf.
 Opening presents, what a lucky girl I am!
Even the girls got presents.

 Leah & Ava working on puzzles with Mom & Dad.
 Ending our visit hanging out at the Destin Commons on a gorgeous November night.
 Uncle Earl getting a hug from Laura.
 Not too big to play! 

 Hand in hand, Joe and his little girl.
 Leah, Ava, Rachel & Laura
 And this must mean that Christmas is just around the corner!

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