Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recital- June 2011

The Summer has flown by, and I have not posted since the Rehearsal waaayyy back in June. Unbelievable! I'm going to blame Facebook, and the ease I can upload photos over there, but it isn't exactly a great format for sharing the stories that go along with these images. So, after thinking about it for a while, and a little urging from my cousin Pam, I guess I'm going to keep this thing going. Besides the books that my husband prints of my blogs might be my girls' only physical record of their lives.

Without further ado, I present the pictures from the girls' Dance Recital held in early June. This is the first year that both Leah and Laura were in the "big girl show". In the past, I had been able to help each group backstage, but this year I had to make a choice. Since Laura had the larger group, I was placed in there with another backstage Mom. Leah was in good hands though with both her teacher and another Mom.
Laura was once again so excited to be performing on the big stage. And of course, to be able to wear make-up!
I got several chances to catch Leah in the hallway between dances, and my co-backstage Mom was so nice to switch off with me so I could go see Leah's group perform. I can't believe how mature my "baby" looks!
On the rare occasion I got the opportunity to snap a couple pictures of them together. And it was always such a joyous reunion when they would see each other backstage.
Leah with her group ready for ballet.
She LOVED her tap routine, performed to "Soul Man", complete with top hat and dark sunglasses.

And Laura's sassy jazz number was perfect for her personality!

All of Laura's class studying the Recital Program. Parents can place pictures and words of encouragement in the program and they each love to find their picture.
Leah with some of her class before their Jazz number performed to the Go Go's "My Lips Are Sealed".
Laura with Keilana, the daughter of my co-backstage Mom.
The whole class lined up before the finale for this group picture before the finale.
Laura with another dance friend.
Another year and a very proud Mom!
So glad my parents could join our family in celebrating such a rewarding day for a year full of hard work!
Flowers and Webkinz, we are so proud of you both!

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