Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girls' First Skating Trip

Somehow we managed to make it almost 9 years of having children and not taking them to the Skating Rink.  We thought it was about time we gave it a try, after all, the older the get the more opportunities they have to go to the rink, and it's more fun knowing how to skate.  My parents met us up there, and the extra hands were appreciated, never realized how tiring carrying two girls around the rink would be.

Dad with Leah, I can remember him helping me at the exact same rink!
 Joe came with his own in-lines, Pro!

 I didn't even get my skates on for most of the time, I hadn't been skating in years either, so I wasn't sure if I could help the girls and keep myself upright too.

 The glow in the dark ring was Laura's favorite thing about skating.

 Mom was helping too.

 The first of many days we'll spend at the Rink!

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