Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laser Tag!

Last weekend Leah & Laura partied with Ramon and friends to celebrate his 8th birthday at a local Laser Tag place. It was a new experience, and the girls were a little nervous about it, but ready to give it a try. You walk into the downstairs of a very unassuming tourist shop, but once you ascend the stairs you enter a whole other world. A pulsating, black light glowing playground including a full goofy golf course, a pool table and of course a full Laser Tag maze. It felt a little like the clubs I frequented in my 20's but without the adult beverages.
Laura at the pool table with Ramon.

Ramon leading the group over to battle it out in the Laser Tag maze.
Birthday boy all suited up and ready to play.
Leah, obviously taking the whole thing very seriously.
Okay, maybe not!
At first Laura was worried that the vest was too heavy, and it did swallow her up. After she entered the maze and started shooting she forgot all about that. She was a little worried about the darker areas of the maze, and especially the foggy places, so she wanted me to stay with her. So I was darting around trying to follow a very quick 5 year old through a dark maze, with only my camera for protection.
Leah, Jessica & Laura

After a fun time in the Laser Tag, some of the kids wanted to do the goofy golf, which was also completely in the dark, lit only by the black lights, and my occasional camera flash.
This is really what it looked like.
Which led to many pictures like these, a little "Tron" like don't ya think?

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