Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ted & Debi's Visit

Our friends, Ted & Debi, visited us last weekend and we had a great time. Ted had been here all week and came to our house with Joe Friday afternoon after work. It was so funny, I was in the kitchen and both guys were on their computers, I thought, this is what life would be like with two husbands. Too funny!
After we had a good dinner at Slick Mick's with Ted, Debi's plane arrived and we all hung out chatting until we called it a night. The next morning Joe took them to Waffle House, nothing but the best for our guests! After everyone had breakfast we all went over to ride the horses. Debi grew up riding, and still was a very talented rider.
Ted took a turn also, and did so good. I told him he looked exactly like most of the trainers you see at the shows, he would just need some good boots and hat.
After the barn, we went out to tour the Armament Museum and have lunch at the BX.

My little soldiers, making their tough faces here.
The girls posing by the MOAB, which their Grandmother had a part in developing. How many kids can say that about their Grandmother?
Teaching the girls what the Purple Heart means.
Taking turns in the cockpits.

We ended the afternoon with a very quick, and super chilly, trip to the beach.

Leah had taken a pretty hard fall on the beam at the gym the night before, and said she didn't think she would be able to run because her leg hurt to bad. How quickly she forgot all about that when she wanted to run after the seagulls.

Joe retrieving Leah after she ran past the pier.

We had a wonderful visit!

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