Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100th Day of School

I never knew that celebrating the 100th Day of school was a big deal, it never made the calendar way back in the dark ages when I was in elementary school. But now, it's what every kindergartner around here looks forward to this time of year. Laura's class was instructed to make a shirt with 100 of anything on it, she came up with a great design, drew it out so we would do it exactly how she envisioned it and this was the result.
She had a great day at school showing her friends her shirt and seeing all of their designs too. It's amazing, 5 kindergarten classes, and I never saw two shirts that looked exactly alike. Creative bunch of kids! After a full day encompassing as many activities that celebrated the 100th day, like coloring pictures, stacking 100 dominoes, and having a special snack mix that contained 100 items from each child the girls played out on school's front lawn.
Over two years between them, but less than two inches apart in height, Leah better be nice to her "little" sister.

As I sat down on the one of the cement picnic tables in the sunshine, I set down all of the stuff behind me. As I did that, I heard my keys slide right down the hole where an umbrella would normally go. What are the odds? I tried retrieving them myself, but my short little fingers were not quite long enough to reach them, and everything I tried seemed to push them further down the hole. I figured I could go back in the school and confess my goofiness, or call my Dad, who already knows how goofy I am. So I did what any self respecting 40 year old woman would do, called my Daddy to come rescue us, and he did.

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