Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day with the family

After our morning spent opening and playing with presents at our house, we cleaned up and headed over to my parents to enjoy the rest of the day. The girls loved it because that just meant they would have more time to play with their cousin, Ava.
We opened Laura's box of Lego's, you wouldn't think Joe, my engineer husband, would have such a puzzled look on his face when faced with this building challenge.
Working with his girl on the little Lego house.
Me & Mom
Managed to get a picture of my parents, only one of the two of them together from the whole season I think.
A family portrait in front of their tree.
Sister Rachel with Ava, we were so happy to have them in Florida with us for Christmas.

Uncle Earl, Joe & I serving some of my Mom's delicious food.
Mom passing out the bread.
Most of the family, minus the photographer. (Dad)

Ava with Granddaddy.
It was a wonderful way to end our Christmas experience.

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