Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Eve

In years past I have spent many a New Year's Eve out partying it up adult style, but I don't think anything holds a candle to ringing it in with my family. A local shopping center hosted a family New Year's Eve ball drop, culminating at 6:00 p.m., which was midnight Greenwich mean time. Good enough for us! Plus it meant we would still have time to have a good dinner at get off the roads before the idiots hit the pavement after their all night parties.This location claims to have the tallest flag pole in Florida, and for New Year's Eve they converted to their ball drop. It was a fantastic sight to see.
Joe & the girls on the grass waiting for the ball to drop.

A random little girl jumped in the back of this one.
Always finding new uses for simple items.
In front of the display...Happy New Year!!!!
After a wet, windy early New Year's Eve celebration outside we drove down the road and joined my parents for Hibachi.
The fire is the exciting and sometimes scarey part of the night. The girls haven't been here for a couple of years so they were a little braver. They scooted their chairs as far back as possible, but didn't hide their eyes.

The girls continued celebrating on the back porch when we got home with their silly string.
We watched the second installment of "The Chronicles of Narnia" and tried to help the girls in meeting their goal of making it to midnight. Leah barely kept her eyes open, but after a nice, warm bath and laying back down on her pillow, Laura was out for the count. We tried to wake her, but it wasn't going to happen.
So Leah went out on the porch again, by herself this time, and sprayed her silly string and blew her horn!
While Laura brought the New Year in with peaceful dreams.

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