Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

Leah was the first to welcome Christmas Morning, at 5:00, we sweetly told her to go back to sleep until her sister woke up. That worked until about 6:30 when she went to "check on Laura", which was code for wake her up. That's okay, with two happy girls it's not so painful to be woken up early.

All smiles and ready to open presents.
Leah received the Webkinz owl she had asked Santa for, and was thrilled!
Laura just as happy seeing that she got her Webkinz deer that was on her list.
Yet another Webkinz request, the Pegasus.
And Laura checking out one of eight Webkinz outfits she really wanted.

Leah's big gift came for us, and she had been bugging me to death to buy the next book in the Owls of Ga'hoole series, thank goodness I held her off. She was so excited to see that she got every book in the series.

Joe sporting a Rutgers hat his parents sent him.
A little snapshot that is our Christmas Morning, Me looking carefully through the kitty's stocking, while Leah digs in hers, Laura has already scattered hers all over the floor and is on to her Daddy's.
Hunter checking out the bone he got in his stocking(not blood, but chicken flavored by the way).
Decided it was okay.
The girls opening the Wii Toy Story Mania game, then they both said, "But we don't have a Wii." Of course, that was our plan, and that led us into the other room to show them our new Wii.

Laura's Webkinz dressed in their new clothes.

Laura & Daddy checking out the new Wii.

Our kitty staying out of the way in Laura's fort. I think that's how we all felt after a great Christmas Morning.

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