Sunday, December 19, 2010

Piano Recital

After their day of partying it up at school, they had a lovely piano recital at my parents house, hosted by their teacher. She was so thoughtful and even though it was just for my parents and Joe & I, she printed up programs and introduced the girls as they made a very grand entrance.
Laura entering the room so proudly, dressed in a dress she chose and barefoot, also her choice.
Leah beaming with pride after her introduction.
Laura went first and did such a great job, and after each song she said "Thank You" so professionally.

"This is the Day"


"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
She had some small difficulties with some of the songs, but she kept her composure and found her way proud of her.

Leah's turn.

A big bow for their fans!

After their performances they were thrilled to get a new Webkinz from my parents.
We also got a chance to give Dr. Jones gifts to say thank you and Merry Christmas.

Two happy girls with their sweet teacher.

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