Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loving the holidays!

Last weekend we had such gorgeous weather, and the girls were going crazy in the house, so after our regular weekend trip to Firehouse for lunch we headed out to one of our local parks.

Watching my girls do things they were afraid of only a year ago, I really understand how quickly things change. Laura just went from one thing to another with no fear.

The park is always decorated so beautifully for Christmas.

Not many parks have scenery like this one.
Okay, was this sign put there for my family? Not really sure we would now how to resume that anyway.

After a very full afternoon at the park, we came home and went right over to the barn. Laura is quite the little barn girl, loving on Rider here.
Leah ran back into the house to get this cowgirl hat.
By the time the girls were riding the sun had started to set, but that didn't phase them one bit.
Here's Dixie, 27 years old, been shown since she was 2 years old, and she's carrying around a five year old who thinks you need to kick a horse like that. It's not really as bad as it looks, I don't think Dixie really even feels it through all the saddle pads.

Happy Trails to you!

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