Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Party Time

On the last day of school before Christmas Break, both girls had their class parties. Yet another day that I am glad to have them in the same school. They wore their shirts that our precious cousin Vicki made for them.
Laura must have been very agreeable to having her picture taken, because I have a bunch of her.
I caught them out on the playground between party set-ups. It doesn't matter if I've just left her side, whenever the girls see me at school, I just love how their little faces light up as they yell "MOM!" I'm enjoying this time in all of our lives where they still think I'm a good person to have around, I'm sure once they're in the teen years they might feel different.

I'm not usually a supporter of Laura picking up large sticks, but I had to admit she found a perfect whip. She's a cowgirl at heart.

Laura's party table, exactly what any kindergartner would love to see, not a healthy choice in the bunch. I was impressed with her teacher's rule of every child had to wait patiently until everyone had been served. A big thank you to those teachers that add manners & civility into their daily teachings.
Leah's turn, and just because they are big second graders, they were just as excited to have their party.
Leah at her table before the party, look at all those boys around her.
Her teacher suggested that Leah show me her new journal entry, and she was so proud to do that. You would have to know her teacher to appreciate the story's humor, but I'll just say that this class has the most inside jokes I've ever seen, the kids really have a special connection with each other as well as their teacher.

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