Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

We started our Christmas Eve off by inviting Ava to join us to make cookies for Santa. Decorated sugar cookies seem to be the favorite offering around our house. Each girl took a turn helping make the dough, it's hard to do with just a few ingredients, but they seemed happy.
Me & all my helpers

Took the dough down to the table to roll out, and after we were done and there was flour everywhere, I wondered why I so meticulously cleaned it just minutes before. Oh well, just had to remember my Christmas spirit!

Gave each girl a bowl of homemade icing and laid out many decorations to choose from. Of course while they're decorating they must taste the icing too.

After a fun afternoon at our house we went over to my parents for a delicious dinner prepared for us by Joe. It was his famous rendition of Emerill's Barbecue shrimp, a dish that has brought him several marriage offers.
Rachel & Dad
You can set a beautiful table, eat under a Swarovski Chandelier, but Laura will still find a way to make you laugh, like making a smiley face with her bread crust.

Mom with her granddaughters
Part of the excitement of going over to my parents on Christmas Eve is knowing that we open Christmas gifts early there.
The girls get very animated over some of their gifts, there is the jump for joy.
And the bowled over look.
Leah was so excited to receive her vet kit.

Even the big kids got gifts. from Uncle Earl.
And big hugs for him too.
Dr. Leah is ready for her first patient.
Laura putting my Mom to work with her new beauty kit.

Painting her nails must be very relaxing.

Rachel's perfect Lemon Pie.
Dad definitely approved!
All three girls, bathed and ready to go to sleep so Santa can come and bring their presents.
Goofy, but still on the nice list.
At home we laid out the girls cookies and a big glass of milk for Santa. Leah wrote a note for him too.

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