Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some fun with Ava

My sister Rachel & niece Ava visited us over Christmas, and one of our trips was to the barn. The girls all had fun taking turns riding, up until Rider decided he needed to roll. He has never done that in his 15 years of life, and he does it to Leah, a beginner rider, but she did just right and jumped off. No one was hurt, and luckily Rider was okay, I was worried he was sick with such weird behavior.

Ava riding before he lost his mind.

Laura on Dixie, she's such a good old girl.

Leah did get to ride for a little while before Ava hopped on, but I guess with me watching 3 girls on two different horses, I missed taking pictures of her.
After a full afternoon at the barn we went out to the Commons and watched "Tangled", our second time but Ava & Rachel's first. It's a great movie, and worth a second trip.

The radio station was blaring some fun dance music, and of course the girls had to boogie down!

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