Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marianna Caverns State park

Over Labor Day weekend we all took a little trip East to the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, FL. I had been there on a couple occasions as a child on field trips, but it had been quite a while since my last visit. The girls have had a couple opportunities to explore the caverns with my parents and Joe while I was at horse shows in the area.
This was really my cousin Julia's idea, and we all joined in on the fun. Here are my girls with their cousin Marco.

The gang, minus me behind the camera.
There was a little wait for the tour so we had time to run back in town and grab some Zaxby's for lunch. Leah and Joe being sweet!
Hugs & kisses for everyone.
Posing with a statue representing the original miners who excavated the cave.

We saw a couple beautiful banana spiders on their intricate webs.
My girls find the gift store everywhere we go.
Marco, Isabel, Leah, Laura & Julia waiting for our tour.
Cooling off in the museum.
Headed down the walkway to the caverns.

Laura said several times, very proudly, "I'm the shortest one in the family, I don't even have to duck to go through the cave."
Wedding cake formation
My parents are former spelunkers, so this was a baby cave for them. Dad has told harrowing stories over the years of caves he has explored and the Marianna caverns are a well lit, guided tour, just a little different.

Luisa was not a big fan of the cave.

The guide gave several stern warnings not to touch anything, because over time our oils will kill the formations. That is exactly what happened to this one, as it is on a slippery path and visitors would reach out and grab it. Since it is no longer growing, they have allowed visitors to touch it.

Laura & Marco at the front of the group following the guide. You can see that this passage was quite low, and even Laura had to duck.

We made it out!

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