Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Even Boats-Our Maine Adventure

We had known for months that we would be traveling to Maine for our friends' wedding, and it took that long to plan everything. We meticulously studied the best routes, hotels, rental cars, etc...and we felt like we had a good plan. (I'm going to share a beautiful picture of the sunset in Detroit, before I tell you how much we despise that very airport.)
A really cool tunnel that took us through the airport.

(Enter Delta) We flew effortlessly from home to Memphis to Detroit, and that's where the brakes were put on our travel. We were to arrive in Bangor that night, and then drive to Bar Harbor the next day, but Delta had different plans for us. We arrived for our connection with an hour to spare feeling quite good that we were on our way, but with the announcement from the ticket agent, "This flight has been overbooked, and we need two volunteers to give up their seats." we looked at each other with concern. They repeated that same announcement a bunch of times, even joking that they would give you whatever you wanted, but no takers. We then boarded the plane, feeling better, sitting buckled in our seats, when they announced "This plane is overloaded with luggage and exceeds the weight limit, and we need 5 volunteers to come off the plane, and if there are no volunteers we will have to choose some ourselves." Yeah right, no takers on that one either. They then started announcing names, and I was sitting in my seat just hoping that I didn't hear our names, but of course I did. I told Joe I would go up and talk with them, mistakenly thinking that Delta employees are rational, thoughtful people. He not only couldn't care that we would have to shift our entire well laid out plans, but after a few minutes he told me that if we didn't get off the plane he would have to call security. This is a 6 ft. man telling me, 5'3 thing, that he's going to have to get help, if it wasn't so annoying it would have been hilarious. So I went back to our seats telling Joe that we would have to go, and then the Delta reps saw why I tried to discuss it first. Joe blew a gasket, yelling and I think a curse word or two probably came out, so I then had to convince him that we would have to keep our cool, when I would have just rather punched someone too.

After 3 hours of standing at the ticket counter, demanding at every turn that Delta would help us get to our destination in the best possible fashion, we had tickets to go to Boston for the night. After a quick dinner we boarded that plane arriving in Boston at 12:30, getting to sleep at about 1:00, and then back up at 5:00 for our connection to Bar Harbor.

Guess I can say I've been to Boston now.
The Bar Harbor sky that greeted us, put us in a much better mood, and we were thrilled to reach our destination.
The quaint little airport, traveling through here was like being in a time warp. It was how I remembered traveling as a youngster, much friendlier and more personable service.
Our puddle jumper that delivered us to Bar Harbor.
We arrived with enough time to tour the city a bit before meeting up with our friend Ted, and his family. A picture of the Whale Watching boat we took later on our vacation.
Check out their movie theater, Reel Pizza Cinerama.
And a very Mayberry like Fire Station.
The most hospitable hotel, they even held our bags while we went sightseeing through the town, even though we weren't going to be staying there for a couple more days.
Relaxing on their deck.

The main street in Bar Harbor, leading down the waterfront.
A lovely group of Red Hatters.
The Margaret Todd, we saw this boat almost daily. It looked like it would be a fun sightseeing trip.
After a relaxing afternoon in town, we met up with our friend Ted and jumped on their family boat to head over to the island where the wedding would be taking place. Joe helping load the freshly caught lobsters that had been soaking in the water behind the boat, that were cooked over an open fire for all of us that night.

A view of the peaceful water from the pier on the Island.
The whole group enjoying the Lobster boil around the bonfire.
There are no words to describe the sunsets, just gorgeous!

We got to take part in the family tradition of singing around the campfire, complete with songbooks. After we gave up, Chris sang some more tunes for us, and we joined in when we could remember the words.
Ted's Dad had a special song to sing for the soon-to-be married couple.

Taking a hike the next day with Ted and some of his family.
Joe & Ted hanging out on the rocky shore.

Saturday was the Wedding, and the bagpiper music welcomed the guests to the ceremony.
Flower girls spreading petals along the pier.
Debi being escorted by her Father, such a beautiful bride.

Bridal Party
Groom & his Groomsmen
Debi, reading her most personal and unique vows. She put her Neuroscience background to work in writing her very original vows.
Handsome Groom, Ted, reading his meaningful vows.
Sweth, the couples' friend reading a Shakespearean sonnet.

Ted's Brother, Wes, with his daughter Carys. It was so sweet when she walked up to her Daddy and held his hand.

The couples' dog, Trouble, was the ring bearer.
Chris singing the couples' song after they were officially united in marriage.

The happy couple.

The weekend was a study in logistics, and Ted & Debi, along with their families and the wedding planner, did such a great job of shuttling guests back and forth on a daily basis to Bar Harbor. After the ceremony we all loaded up once again(with lots of luggage), this time on a commercial tour boat so that we could circle the family's island for a guided tour by Ted's Dad.
Safety first, but not sacrificing fashion.

Ted's Dad as he narrated the trip, the history of the island is amazing and you could tell how much it means to their family.
Some guests were too pooped to listen.
A bald eagle flew overhead as we sailed along.
We even saw some porpoises playing next to the boat and a seal poked his head up as we went by.

Arriving at The Looking Glass Restaurant.
Another beautiful sunset over Bar Harbor.
Ted & Joe relaxing at the reception.
The last day we enjoyed sleeping in, and after another meal at Geddy's, we boarded the Whale Watching boat for our tour.
Going pass Egg Rock as we head out to the Atlantic Ocean.
We went out more than 36 miles in hopes of finding whales, and we were not disappointed. We saw three groups of Fin back Whales and it was awe inspiring.

After a couple hours traveling in the whipping winds we decided we would spend the trip back to the docks inside...good call!
Catching a few zzzz's after a very busy week.

I thought this ship's name was apropos for our week spent revisiting old friendships, as well as making new ones.
On our many strolls through town, I had seen this restaurant Rupunini, and more than seeing, there were some deliciious smells eminating from their deck. I vowed that we would make it there before we left, and we finally did for dinner on our last night.

My eyes and nose were not playing tricks on me, and we were rewarded with one of the best meals of our trip. I had delicious lobster, roasted corn & cheese empenadas.
And Joe had gourmet mac-n-cheese with lobster and crab.
Of course we're on vacation, so I managed to fit in a little dessert from a local ice cream store.
The next morning a very friendly and on-time taxi driver picked us up at the our hotel around 5:00 A.M. We had time to spare, so he was kind enough to stop and let us get one last look at Maine's beauty. He insisted we get out and take pictures and I'm so glad he did.

We loved our time in Maine and hope to return someday.
Our view as we arrived back to home sweet home.

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