Monday, August 23, 2010

Edgewater Classic Meet

Leah competed in her second Gymnastics' Meet last weekend in Panama City. We had a very early alarm set to make it there in time, but Leah didn't even need one, she walked into our room at 5:30, excited to go! Once we got to the venue all our team girls gathered together for a picture before they went on the floor for warm-up.
All smiles and ready to compete!

The teams' coaches leading the warm-up session.

Coach Elaina giving Leah a pep talk before her bars warm-up.

Next up, the beam. She had a little trouble getting up to her forward roll, but otherwise had a pretty routine.

At the practice the night before this meet, Leah was looking straight up like she's supposed to when she does this arabesque. She said, Mommy I was thinking of you when I was doing that, and looking up at you helped sweet!

Waiting for her floor routine to start.
The video is a little blurry, but she had such a nice routine and she was even proud of herself. She's improved vastly from last year. In warm-up for floor, she must have held her headstand for a minute.

Medal time, she was thrilled to medal in 3 out of 4 events and also the All Around.
Her look of surprise when she was announced 2nd place for the floor.
All the team taking the top 5 places on the floor.
4th in the All Around.

And after a very full day, she still had the energy to go to her very first sleepover. She insisted, saying that it was her best friend and she had to go. Who am I to argue that, and I do remember that a child's energy can go much further than mine.

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