Friday, August 20, 2010

My girls

We're back into the swing of things with the girls back in school. They both seem to be enjoying their classes, although getting details requires lessons from the CIA. Leah is a little more forthcoming, but Laura is so stingy with her daily reports. I don't hear about anything but happy days, so that's good enough for me.

Laura with one of her many stuffed animals, "Golden", and yes they all have names.

We did a dress rehearsal for Leah upcoming Gymnastics' Meet at her practice earlier in the week. The competition leotard is different from her daily wear, so I like to give her a chance to wear it before the real deal. She has told me a couple times this week that she is nervous, and I've done my best to help her put things in perspective. She finished up her last pre-meet practice tonight, and it she was able to do great on all of her skills. I think she went to bed feeling ready for the meet.

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