Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cats & Dogs

This post is dedicated to our house animals. Hunter, our dog, was on death's door a couple weeks ago. He has had horrible back problems, and I thought that's what was going on, turns out the poor guy had doggy pneumonia. I've had dogs all my life, and never had one with that ailment. Our vet took him in for a weekend, keeping him medicated and over the last two weeks he's continued to improve. He's still got old dog ailments, but he's now greets us with his regular barks and howls when we come home and he even has a little spring in his step. I gave him a bath a few nights ago, and he even felt good enough to do a little "crazy dog", as we have come to call his post-bath behavior. I guess he feels so good being all clean and flea free, that he runs all over the house acting like a dog half his age.

Not to be left out, Sparkle Lily keeps us laughing at her choice in beds. This night it happened to be Leah's backpack that was left on the kitchen floor. The other day she slept on some wooden puzzle pieces the majority of the day...weird cat!

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