Friday, July 16, 2010

Michael Buble' comes back to Pensacola

If you know me, you probably know that I really enjoy seeing Michael Buble' in concert. Joe & have been to five show together over the last 5 years, and this one was to be Leah's first. I had been very careful to explain to Laura that she would get to something special with her Daddy, and that when she was older she would be able to go too. I reminded her that she didn't like loud noises, and she agreed that she would rather not go. Cut to the week before the show, and I guess I must have gotten an extra sprinkling of some kind of lucky dust, because I won two passes to the sound check plus 2 more tickets from one radio station, and later in the day I got an e-mail from a different station, saying I had won a set of tickets from them too. I couldn't believe it, so now I had my original 2nd row seats, plus 2 sound check passes, and 4 additional tickets...crazy! So, now Laura got to go, my Mom said she would be glad to take her, and then I invited my cousin and she brought along a friend, I was glad to spread the good luck around.

First up was the sound check, and there were probably less than 20 people there and they ushered us all in to the civic center, and when we walked up to our row. Mike was sitting right in the middle of our row, so lucky me sat right next to him. We all got to say hi, and I introduced myself & Leah. He went up to the stage and we all took group pictures, hopefully I'll get mine from the radio station, I'm working on it. Then he went up on stage and chatted to us, and sang a few songs. The whole experience was about 30-45 minutes, and it went by so fast. I was surprised that I wasn't as nervous as the last time that I met him (Here's that entry from a couple years ago) , but it felt more like seeing a friend. He was so sweet to Leah and talked to her about the movie "UP", and how he enjoyed it, and really made her feel so comfortable. While he was singing "Home", he stopped right in the middle of a line and yelled "SQUIRREL", you'll know that line if you've seen UP. Leah thought he was so funny. I'm afraid she's completely spoiled by her first concert.

My Dad joined us for dinner before the show.
Me with my Mom and the girls as we entered the arena, and before we went our separate ways. Leah and I were row 2 on the floor, and my Mom & Laura had a much higher view from their free ticket seats. I guess you get what you pay for. Mom said Laura was very happy with her seat and she said she could see everything from up there.
Before the show, Leah playing with her Nintendo, she and Laura could even play Pictochat. I was surprised that the two units would reach that far to each other on their network. It was so cute, they were sending "I Love you" back and forth.
The opening act, Naturally 7, another favorite of mine, and the girls absolutely love their music.
Time for Mike! I really didn't take as many pictures at this show, as I was too busy watching Leah enjoy the whole experience.
Jacob playing the Sax.
Rob Wilkerson

Leah standing up on her chair, cheering with the crowd.
Watching all the confetti fall down during the encore.
It was so funny, one time as he passed us, he spotted Leah and I guess remembering her from the sound check pointed at her saying hi. She was totally in La La land watching the whole show and didn't really even notice, too funny.

Singing "Song for You" to close out the night.

Two happy girls, they barely made it out of the parking lot and they were sound asleep, it was a very fun night for all.
The next morning, Leah sleeping in until about 10:45 AM, a record for her.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda, me and my 2 girls sat next to you at the sound check with Michael. I was googling to try to find our pics with him and your blog popped up. I really enjoyed your pictures. We were on the 9th row, with my 9 year old in the isle seat and just like with your daughter, when Michael started down the isle with all the bodyguards, he looked at Kaleigh, all the while singing, sort of grabbed her shirt and smiled like he recognized her from the sound check too. He is really something. We are still on Cloud 9

Amanda said...

Glad you found my little blog, it was a wonderful night wasn't it?! By the way, the radio station sent me the picture with you and your daughters too, so if you haven't gotten it let me know and I'll be glad to forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

I still have not received the picture from WABB. I would love for you to forward ours to me. Thanks so much!! Kim