Saturday, October 18, 2008

Party Like a Jazz Star~ Buble Style

I had been thinking about this Michael Buble concert for months, but I wasn't even sure what our plans were going to be for the day until the last minute. I was debating whether or not we should take the extra time to enjoy the beach before the show, and luckily I decided we should go for it. Good fortune followed.

We got there around 11:00 and I have to admit I spotted Michael's buses right away. It's hard to miss two giant, silver buses parked right out in front of a major hotel. We were staying right next door, so we headed right out to the beach. After a little baking time, we headed across the street for lunch. We had some delicious food at a local beach dive, and then we came back to the beaches. I planted myself just about the same place we had been before lunch, only this time, it so happened that we were right next to about 6 of the band guys. I tried really hard to keep my cool, that is if I had any to start with. One of the guys, Mark Small, took the time to chat with us, and was just the nicest guy you could come across. They were all just having a great time enjoying the Florida Sunshine.

After that Joe and I picked up our tickets, did I mention that they were 2nd row?! Then we headed back to our hotel to rest and then get ready for the show. Got to the Civic Center and found our seats. Had a chance to chat with my cousin Julia that also came with three of her girlfriends. Waiting for the show to start, I saw Jumaane, another band member, and one of the best horn players you could ever hear, just walking around the floor. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys you could meet. When we saw the Michael in Atlanta, Jumaane spent so much time talking to everyone, and just being so gracious. I walked up and said hi, and he gave me a hug, how sweet is that? He chatted for a while, and then went bee bopping back to my seat, sure that this was going to be a great show. He even came back around and talked again, and I got the chance to introduce him to Julia and Joe, it felt like we were at a family reunion, and I told him he could join ours anytime.

Jumaane & Me

Me & Julia

Joe, the most wonderfully supportive husband I could have ever asked for. I don't know another guy that would gladly help me have the kind of experience we had this weekend.

The show was fantastic, and I had planned to film the opening number, but was just too flabbergasted to do it. Too much excitement going on to hold the camera steady, so I just enjoyed the moment. A little over half way through the show, everyone started making their way up front, so I mosied on up too. I spent the rest of the show right in front of the stage, it was kind of like an upscale mosh pit during a couple of points, but so nice to be right up there. Is that close enough?
After the show, Joe and I got an invite to join in on the after show party and closed the night out chatting with Michael and all of the guys from the band. I almost can't believe it myself, but I'm sure it's etched in my memory for a long time to come. Which is a good thing, because it wasn't the kind of atmosphere for taking pictures, so I have none to remind me of that fantastic evening. Michael was outside on the deck and I walked right out there and ended up sitting right next to him. Talk about surreal. His music is so exciting, and his voice intoxicating, so to be sitting right next to him was just amazing. He asked me what I was drinking, and I couldn't' even make the words come out of my mouth correctly. Just call me "special"! After a couple of minutes, I regained my composure and managed to have a little back and forth between myself, Michael, his bodyguard Steve and the other ladies at the table.
I think I should probably just call it a day, and make that my last concert ever, because I have no idea how I could ever top that experience.

A last glimpse of the beach where it all happened before we head back home. Thanks Mom & Dad for taking such good care of the girls so this mom could have her unbelievable weekend.


Jen said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. I guess that would be hard to top for a Buble gal.

Pam said... are too cool. the last live show i saw was Elmo in Atlanta last month. Nearly slit my wrists.