Thursday, July 15, 2010

Build A Bear...Again

We kept the holiday weekend going by heading out to Destin to see "Despicable Me", a very cute movie that the girls have been very excited to see. This is one of their favorite parts from the whole thing.

Webkinz were King in the girls' lives for quite a while, but now Build-A-Bear has worked its' way back to the top. It all has to do with the games that go along with the stuffed creatures online. Both girls had their eye on the new Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Bears for quite a while, and even telling they would have to spend their own money on them didn't detour them. Here's Leah with her choice, Mint Chocolate Chip Bear.(Prestuffed)
After all the fluff and the heart is put in with all the wishes that go with it, the girls took them over to the bathtub.

Can't get out of this place without a trip to the playground. The wind was blowing, as you can see by the girls hair, so it was really a nice day.

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