Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day-Preschool Style

Laura had been working for quite a while on her Mother's Day Tea, all very secretive, not allowed to give me any details. The Friday before Mother's Day, she was finally able to share everything they had been doing. She was happy to get all dressed up for our Tea Party, and reminded me that I needed to be dressed up too. We made a quick trip to find a new dress, and she chose this one for herself.

Once all the Moms were assembled around the room, all the children sang us a few songs. You can tell by the smiles how much fun Laura was having.

After all the songs, they showed us how they did the Pledge of Allegiance everyday.

Thanks to Jen for this keepsake of the day.
I picked her up early from class and we went down the street to Leah's school for the Friday running Miler Club. Leah showing Laura how her Miler Club card works.

And they are off! Dad in the middle of all the kids.
Laura running with Gavin & Ramon.

So much fun ease dropping on Laura's conversation with one of Leah's classmates, Jayden, about the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Laura enjoyed her first Miler Club, and we've already been back for another one since these pictures were taken. Here she is getting her card marked for one lap by the school's Coach.
Happy Girl with her Granddaddy.

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