Thursday, May 20, 2010

Double Duty: Mother's Day/Joe's Birthday

Growing up, we always tried to take Mom to a nice brunch, get all dressed up sometimes, other times we would go to the Beach Club. Not really sure when we adjusted our Mother's Day routine, it may have had something to do with having two small girls of my own, but over the last few years we have gone to a local diner that is just across the street from us. It's not fine dining, with silver & china, but it's easy and comfortable with tasty food, what else could two Moms want on our day? Mom looking at the pictures the girls made for her.
All the girls.
Later that day we segued into the next celebration, Joe's Birthday. Once again, we had tried to think of a restaurant we might want to go, and finally we all agreed a grilled steak and all the accompaniments at my parents' house was the best thing to do.

The girls and I picked out this Star Wars themed cake for Joe. And to prove that I am not the only one that likes to "theme" parties, check out his Star Wars shirt that he changed into right before we left our house. Love him!
The figures light sabres lit up...can you hear Joe making the sound effects now?

Getting older, but still a boy at heart, licking the frosting off of the figurines.

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