Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Redux

We had so much at the beach, we decided to do it again the next afternoon. This time I came prepared with bathing suits and boogie boards. Laura and I arrived first and had a little time to pass waiting for my Dad & Leah to meet us there. No problem for Laura, she just found some new uses for her boogie board.
Once they got there, the girls headed straight for the water.

My Dad's viewpoint from the beach as I kept a watchful eye on the girls.
Taking a break from the water, and they had fun sitting on the edge digging for clams and watching them go back into the sand.

Love Leah's commentary on this one, "Gnarly dude!" She's already working on her surf lingo.

Laura enjoyed her board too, but she spent most of her time diving under the waves. The first few times she did it, I was concerned she would be upset about all of the tumbling water. Not my girl, she loved it, and went right back for more!

After a couple of hours in the water and playing on the shore, we cleaned up a little and walked up to the Crab Trap for dinner.

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