Friday, May 21, 2010

Gymastics Festival

We had a full week of cheering the girls on as they showed us all they have learned in gymnastics this year. Monday was a head turning night as we had to go back and forth watching both girls, usually at the same time, across the gym.
Laura with some of her class.
And Leah with hers.

Coach Kathy helping Laura through her tumbling run.
She made it!

She spotted me taking pictures.

Love this, can't you just hear her saying..."Yeah, yeah, I'm saluting."
This is where she'll be by the end of next year, Leah after a full year of training with the team.

High flyer!

Coach Kathy cheering Laura on and helping her with the bars.

Trophies...and we're not talking puny little things, these were BIG trophies!

Coach Elaina with the girls.
Festival, take two, this time only Leah was performing, so it was a little easier to take pictures. See the excitement in her eyes??? She may have been running a little low on energy, but she did great!

Super proud of both my girls and their accomplishments.
They both snuck in a little play time on the trampoline on our way out of the gym. Too hard to resist.

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