Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrating 10 years

No, it's not our Anniversary, we're not quite to the 10 year mark, but my cousin Julia & her husband Chad have made it! They've arrived at their 10 year celebration in style with three beautiful children that make up their family. The party was at Chad's parents' and their property is just an oasis. It just makes you stop and say.."Ohhhh...Ahhhhh", kind of like when you see fireworks.
The girls immediately joined their cousins and the other kids to play on all of the fun things they have on the property.
Looks like Laura is having fun right, if you look a little closer you might tell that she is actually screaming, not laughing with glee. She took just a couple of passes before she wanted off.
Dad was the ultimate pusher for all the kids.

Mom with the girls, notice the picnic tables under the tree, it was like visiting a beautiful state park.
Marco with the girls waiting for lunch.
Chad's parents, LaTrelle & Ricky sharing some meaningful words about Chad & Julia.
The Happy Couple, with their youngest eyeballing the cake, Luisa.

She found the tower of brownies.
And so did her sister, Isabel.
Willow trees are my absolute favorite and the driveway was lined with them.

Dad with a group of the kids out by one of the ponds.
Marco, Laura & a paddle, kind of a dangerous combination.

Laura, Marco & Leah

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