Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Circus...dancers & elephants, oh my!

Last week, Laura's preschool put on their very own Circus. This year Laura's class was multi-talented, being both dancers & elephants. Not an easy job, but they pulled it off beautifully!
Laura ready to perform.

The participating classes parading around the gym.

Laura peering out of her elephant mask, it was a little hard to see out of, but she managed.
Time to perform!

I thought it was so cute how they held onto each others' tails, just like real elephants in the circus do.

This took my surprise, Laura got to introduce one of the other classes. She did a great job at the microphone.

I see my family!!!
Time to dance...

Each child made a tie for their father, since we'll be out for the summer when Father's Day comes around. It said something about how much she loved her Mom though, so Joe felt a little strange wearing it and he mentioned that he didn't think it met uniform regs either.
I thought it was a smashing addition to my outfit...that perfect splash of color.

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