Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leah's Field Day

Field Day always brings such excitement for all of the kids, and it is a reminder to me that the year is almost over. Leah was fighting a nasty cold up to and through her field day, but she would not drop out of any of her events. She's a tough little girl!
Leah was thrilled to be the line leader for her class. They all marched in to patriotic music waving their flags proudly.
My Mom & Laura there to cheer her on.
First event, thread the needle. Everyone is in this one,including teachers, and they are all holding hands and they have to pass the hula hoop from person to person without letting go.

One of our class Moms led the runners in some stretches before their event.
Leah & her friend Mandy in the three-legged race.

Hop...Hop...Hop....Potato Sack Race!

Grandaddy was so proud of his little competitor.

Leah fooling around with Garrett.

Tyler's grandparents were applying stamps with glitter on our kids. Laura was so happy, anytime she can get some paint or make-up she is excited.
Friends...Leah & Mandy
Leah in one of the class races...Shalimar Flood. They have to try and fill up their buckets with water, sponge by sponge.

Happy girl after her class just kept winning every time they were up for Tug of War.
And the Champions are.....Leah's class!
What a great afternoon. Joe had to travel for work, so we had to tell him all about it.
Leah & Mandy again, joined at the hip.

Laura showing off all of her paint to Leah's classmates.

Laura playing with Angelina, one of our friends from last year's class.
Go Leah!
After lunch they play some songs for the kids to dance to, here's my girls with their friend Ramon.

And doing their dance to "Boom Boom Pow"

Class picture.
Goofy kids!
More videos to come....

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