Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dinner at the Beach

Not that we need much reason to take in a night at the beach, but we were lucky enough to have my Aunt Peggy visit us on her way back to Texas, and we wanted to enjoy a family night at one of our favorite ocean front restaurants. My Aunt Peggy was on her way back from visiting family in Georgia, we are so lucky to have such a caring Aunt. She is always there when any of the family needs help.
A couple shots of Laura on the pier. Not really sure how we all ended up in brown that night, but it does seem to be the popular color.

Leah loving on her Daddy.
If you keep up with my blog, you might notice I use the words gorgeous & beautiful allot in describing our scenery, but what word would you choose with sunsets like this?
Laura taking a peek through one of the telescopes on the pier.

This heron must be very familiar with the fishermen on the pier, he let us get very close before he flew off. Laura was so tempted to run up to him and scare him off like any noisy little girl can do, but we agreed it would be nice to get a picture of him and she stifled those thoughts.
Mom with myself and the girls. She was even in on the brown trend for the night.

Both of the girls caught rides back to the cars.

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