Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

I grew up with years of wonderful traditions carried on by my parents, and over the last 8+ years of marriage, Joe and I have created our own. We always enjoy going to Christmas Eve service at the church with the family, and since we have had children we try to make the service held just for the little ones. It's a little noisy, okay a lot noisy, but the kids feel free to enjoy themselves, all while hearing the story of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

The service is an interactive one, and this year they provided the kids with horns that were to be blown when they heard the word "angel", and star wands to be waved when they heard the word "star". The horns were a big hit, at least with the kids.

Brother & Sister, my Uncle Earl helping my Mom put her bracelet on, a gift from Leah.

The kids love to spend time with their Uncle Earl, and I thought this one was so sweet.

Ready to open presents at my parents after Church.
Laura giving her new game a kiss...she's very entertaining to watch as she opens her gifts.
Dad...the big kid sitting in their little chairs.
The girls were thrilled to get their Nintendo DSI.

Game on, head down...and that's the way they stayed for quite a while.

After all of our fun with my parents & Uncle Earl, we headed home to get the girls in bed before Santa came. They are taking one last look at their Elf on the Shelf, "Shivers".

The milk & cookies they left for Santa.
Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" before bed.

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