Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

Like most houses with small children, ours was awake very early with squealing girls anxious to see if Santa had come. What I love is they walk through the front room with all of the Santa splendor, straight to our room, not noticing that stockings are plump with gifts and the tree is towering over tons of new packages that weren't there the night before.

Notice the difference how the girls look at their stockings, Laura is a dumper and Leah examines each item.
Leah was thrilled that Santa brought her the LPSO pet she had asked for.
Laura showing Leah some of her Barbie Three Musketeers toys that Santa brought. That Dude was on the ball this year!

He even remember this very special Ty Girl Doll.
After our fun morning of opening the gifts, we had my parents and Uncle Earl join us for our Christmas morning breakfast.
Dad and Mom helping Laura get her Zsu Zsu pets going. These were from Joe's parents and they were a big hit...even with the cat.

Back to the Nintendo DSI.
After a few hours of recovery time from our morning feast, we headed back to my parents for dinner. Another delicious array of foods awaited us!
Mom is the ultimate holiday dinner creator.
And Dad is part of this well timed process...it's a team thing.

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