Friday, December 25, 2009

Picking the picture...

Over the years, I've managed to simplify taking the picture for our Christmas cards, and now I just wait until the tree is up and snap it myself. It really isn't very complicated, but as you can see it is a little bit of time until we get just the right shot.

Some of the others that didn't make the cut:

The winner this year.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families. We have had a whirlwind couple of days including attending the children's church service, complete with horns for the kids which meant it wasn't exactly a peaceful Christmas Eve, but meaningful nonetheless. We always open presents at my parents' Christmas Eve, and the girls were very excited to see what was waiting under the tree for them. This morning the girls woke us up at a reasonable hour, about 7:20, and immediately headed towards the tree and their stockings. Santa did not disappoint and they were thrilled with everything. I was so proud of them and how gracious they were in receiving all of their gifts. Uncle Earl & my parents made their way over and we all had a big Christmas morning breakfast together.
We ended the festivities with a delicious Christmas dinner back at my parents with our Uncle Earl. Another memorable Christmas has come and gone!

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