Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our New Jersey adventure begins...

We gave ourselves a day to recover and then pack for our week long trip to visit our New Jersey family. It's not quite as stressful traveling with children at the age they are now, and I do not miss those days of traveling with bottles and diapers. All we need now is their blankets, Nintendo, a couple of books and snacks and we're good to go.

Our biggest delay heading up there was right at our own hometown airport, a two hour delay because the flight crew didn't show up in Atlanta. We made the best of it, and were glad to get on our way to the North.

Dad & Laura comparing their electronics.

My little worldly travelers made me so proud,
they just rolled right through those airports like pros.
Over Christmas New Jersey had a bunch of snow, but a good rain came and it had mostly melted by the time we got there. There were a couple piles left, and that was just fine for a little snowball fight. You can barely make it out, but this is Leah & Laura pegging their Pop Pop with snowballs.

Joe said this was his favorite spot in the whole house,
wrapped up sitting over one of the heating vents.
The girls were thrilled to be in Grandmom's house as you can see by their smiles.
Many more pictures to come....

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