Monday, July 6, 2009

Movies, Fountains and Dinner

Joe & I spent Friday afternoon and into the evening with Rachel and all the girls, first we went to see the new Ice Age 3-D movie. We all gave it two thumbs up! Very funny and it kept the girls mesmerized throughout the movie.
After the movie, the sun had started to set and we let the girls play on the outdoor mall's playground.

It didn't take long for the girls to make their way to the fountains.

Ava & Leah

After the girls had tired of playing in the fountains we all walked over to Johnny Rocket's for an easy, enjoyable dinner sitting under the stars and enjoying the free band playing. Here Rachel is leading the girls across the road like a mother duck.

Rachel & Ava
Since it was 4th of July weekend, there were quite a few people out, and to pass the time I let Laura take some pictures. I liked hers of the sign better than any I got, she has an artists' eye.

Beautiful Florida Night, we even had a breeze blowing to make the night just about perfect.
The infamous fountain: Knowing Laura like I do, I always watch her around things like this. There are so many ways she could get in trouble. Well, as we were leaving the movies earlier in the evening, while she was still dressed, I turned my head for a second, and turned back around to see her head in the fountain, feet kicking in the air. She was just balancing on her belly, not able to pull herself up. I know it only took me a second to grab her shirt and yank her out, but it all felt like it was in slow motion. She was fine, not scared at all and just said "I was trying to get some of the money." I couldn't be mad, and just laughed as we walked to the park.

This picture is much later after dinner, when they were actually dressed much better for such an accident. This time Aunt Rachel had coins for them to toss in. No need to go fountain diving.

The two "grown-up" girls

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Jen said...

The story of Laura in the fountain is hilarious!
I love the picture of you and Rachel.... so beautiful!