Sunday, July 5, 2009

What we do when it's 100+ degrees in Florida...

We hit the pool in the backyard. The girls are really enjoying their cousin Ava's visit, and last week they spent a couple of days playing in our little pool. It's actually perfect right now, they are tall enough to stand in it, but it's still deep enough to swim.

My Dad even stopped by for a visit.
After a swim the girls got cleaned up and ready to head to gymnastics. Look what Aunt Rachel spotted in my yard as we were heading out to the van. A harmless racer snake, but a big one.
We were happy to have Ava join the girls, and she did great in her very first gymnastics' class ever. We were met by the gym's owner and told that the power was out, we decided to wait a little while and hope it came back. Just as we gave up and dressed the girls back in their regular clothes, wouldn't you know it the lights popped right back on. So back on went the gymnastics' outfits, and out to the gym floor all of the girls went.

Ava was a real trooper in her first lesson, and she tried everything, giving it her all.

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