Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrating the 4th of July!

We spent our Saturday celebrating the 4th of July at my parents' Third Annual Party. We joined nearly 100 of their neighbors and friends, along some of ours and my sister Rachel and her daughter, Ava.
I've learned that if I want to get a decent family picture, it has got to be the first thing we do. So as we came in I asked my Dad to be our photographer and we all headed to the back deck.
One with the girls and my Dad, they are standing still and pretty much looking at the camera.
And then there is this one...

My parents take all week to ready their house for the festivities and it looked fabulous.
Laura, Ava & Leah
The mantle decorations

Before the crowd started to arrive, Leah took some time to put on a magic show for us. Here she is pulling the rabbit out of her hat.

Dad, recharging before the party started.
I managed to catch Leah as she saw Gavin & Zachary arriving, slightly excited don't ya think?
Laura & Zachary
Ava, Leah & Gavin
Zach, Laura, Leah & Gavin

Me & Jen(By the way, some of these pictures, the ones that are super crisp and brightly colored are ones that Jen was so kind to share with me. She has an uber super duper camera!)
Joe & Sam
Mom, Rachel, and Jen taking pictures. The gentleman sitting down was our star at the party, he's a professional football player for the Washington Redskins. His whole family was so easy going and fun to chat with, and most of us didn't even figure out that he was a pro until the end of the party.
My Mom with Sam

My parents' neighbor, Susan, was such a wonderful help at the party. In particular, she had quite the talent for getting everyone's attention when my Dad wanted to speak.

Party goers at the buffet line.
My Dad leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
After the pledge, we all headed out on the street for the July 4th parade. We circle around the block, walking to patriotic music from my Dad's boom box.
Laura, always running!
Dad with his boom box, and all of the stuff that powered it. Apparently the batteries were not working correctly, so being the mad scientist that my Dad is, he attached a car battery to the inverter that powered the box. Hey, it worked!

Sam & Joe pushing Gabby
Thank goodness for that white line, it gave me a stopping point so I could try and catch a picture of all of them together.
Leah, Laura, Ava, Gavin & Zachary

Jen, decked out in all of festive accessories, with Joe & Gabby.
Gavin, Leah & Ava checking out the fish in the fountain.
Blowing bubbles with my Mom as the sun sets.

Laura trying to cool off with her fan.
Gavin & Leah, quite the little couple:

Leah was pretending she was at the bar, and she said she was drinking rootbeer. Her idea of a grown up drink.
Leah & Gavin at the "bar".
Time to watch fireworks!

Me sitting with Gabby.

Rachel & Ava

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