Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rounding out our family visits over the weekend

Laura is very fond of all things girly, especially make-up and sparkles. It was yet another morning last Sunday when she was in my make-up bag searching out something special, and I decided to give her one of my lipsticks. She was very excited to have her very own.Hey, she got it mostly on her lips, not too bad for a 4 year old! I did give her a fairly light color, on purpose.
We went over to my parents later that day to let the girls play and to visit with my Uncle Earl. The kids were all playing, when I heard a scream. I have become so accustomed to Laura getting hurt somehow that I was surprised to find out it was Leah. She and Ava had been in the office, and I guess someone should have zigged when they zagged, and Leah ended up with one less tooth. It was one that had been loose and bothersome for months, so it came out very cleanly and after the shock of it, Leah was glad to have something for the tooth fairy. After that little bit of chaos, Dad went upstairs with all the girls and watched a movie.
After dinner my parents invited the girls to stay the night with Ava, and that was good news to them! Leah was very happy about seeing if the tooth fairy could find her there.
Dad and Ava look on while Leah writes "tooth fairy" on the envelope.

Placing the precious package under the pillow.
The next morning I went over to hang out, and Leah was very happy with the two gold dollars that the tooth fairy brought her.
It was a very rainy day, so Rachel and I loaded up the kids and went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, then a short trip to the mall to run off some energy. Unfortunately for Laura, she really did run, right into a trash can. She was going to throw some napkins away, and picked up her pace right before she got to the trashcan, lost her footing and went headfirst into the can. The thump echoed through the foodcourt, I couldn't believe what just happened. The Chick-fil-A worker came running and got us some ice, and took a sad little girl home with a very big bump on her head.

Before the trash can incident, a happier Laura with Ava & Leah.

Very cool artsy shot that Rachel took.
That day happened to be Uncle Earl's birthday, so we all gathered at my parents for a celbratory dinner.

Mom lighting the candles, and Laura anxiously awaiting her opportunity to help blow them out.

After dinner Rachel was sweet enough to give all the girls their baths, and the got dressed in their jammies and had a little time to get their last games in.

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