Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raleigh Visit-Day Two

Rachel picked us up at the hotel and we headed up to the Durham's Museum of Life and Science. We were thoroughly impressed by this museum, there were so many exhibits to see and just as much to see as we walked through the grounds. Rachel had packed us all a picnic lunch and we enjoyed it with a group of her friends and their children. She got a kick out of Laura eating every bite of her vegetarian hot dog.
Leah playing the drums in the outdoor music instrument exhibit. There were sticks for the kids and they were encouraged to bang on the drums and bells, what a dream for kids to be told to make noise.

Up the hill from that exhibit was a water section that looked somewhat inspired from a Dr. Seuss book. Numerous items all linked together in a creative fashion to pump water through pipes, sprayers, etc... Some of the kids that came prepared played in the water in their bathing suits.
There was also a beautiful butterfly house.

Rachel helping the girls identify the butterflies.
There was a giant circle of water where the girls could navigate radio controlled sailboats.

Inside I pointed out the Apollo 15, and Laura was impressed to learn that her Grandaddy had been instrumental in the Apollo project at NASA.
After several hours at the museum we wandered back to Raleigh, and found a Baskin Robbins on the way. For dinner we headed to Chick-fil-A, apparently even die heard vegetarians can be sucked in by this delicacy. We navigated our way down this monster of a hill to get to Wal-mart. Joe and I agreed that buying the girls the Leapsters game systems might make their 14 hour car ride go by a little easier.
That night I had promised that the girls could have a sleepover at the hotel. As much as they love each other and always have a grand time, I knew that this would not be a peaceful night. Are sleepover and peaceful night ever mentioned in the same sentence?
They started out sleeping on the fold out couch, at their request. Being in a suite, they had their own room with their very own t.v., a very cool treat for them. A couple of times Ava felt squished in the middle of the bed and came into our room and crawled into the empty bed, and the girls followed her in there and begged her to come back. It was obvious sleeping three girls on the one bed was not going to work so Joe and I relinquished our nice comfy bed to the girls so they could all be in that room. Trying to be good hosts, we marched right into the front room and lay down on that fold-out couch. Oh my goodness, I just busted out laughing. Our heads were laying on a downhill slant and I told Joe if I stayed like this I might pass out from all the blood running to my head. We flipped directions and tried our best to sleep on that bumpy bed. Once the girls when our beds, they did have a peaceful night's sleep.

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