Friday, June 19, 2009

Raleigh Visit-Day Three

We were very happy to have some time to spend with Joe's cousin and family on our third day of our Raleigh adventure. We met Stacey, her husband Ben and two beautiful girls, Kathryn & Lauren at the Marbles Children's Museum in downtown Raleigh. We arrived first which gave our girls just a few extra minutes to put on some shows for us on the stage in the museum entrance.

Laura enjoyed gardening section, she is always trying to talk me planting more flowers in our yard. If it was as easy as stuffing something in the ground I could handle it!
The stage area was a big hit too, and all the girls took their turns putting on shows.
This giant pirate ship was very impressive, and all of the girls ran up and down and all around for quite a while.
Most of the kids took turns raising and lowering the pirate flag or dropping the anchor, Laura played hide the anchor.
There was a fun water trough outside where kids could send ducks & boats down the current. Leah with Lauren
All four girls in one shot, quite a hard feat to accomplish when there was so much to do and see.

Who says tools are for boys, all of the girls really enjoyed the woodworking area.

Stacey helping Laura
Laura & Kathryn playing the drums in the carnival section.
Stacey helping Leah with the stilt cups.
She got the hang of it.

One of the things my little Florida girls enjoyed the most was the hockey play area. They went in there with socks on and could slide all over, pretending they were on skates, and I was particularly impressed with Leah's goal accuracy.

After a few hours of playtime at the museum we went to Ben & Stacey's house where we went to their neighborhood pool and cooled off before dinner. Stacey's sister, Kristy, her husband Mark and their adorable son Drew also joined us for the evening.
Leah & Kathryn
Me with the kiddos at the kitchen counter.
The girls treated us to a patriotic parade in the backyard after dinner.

Drew, Lauren, Kathryn, Leah & Laura

We had a wonderful day and our girls were so excited to meet some more cousins. It was their first chance to see this part of Joe's family, but hopefully we will have many more opportunities to get together in the future.

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