Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Saturday, Two Birthdays

Saturday was a very busy day, and all for great occasions. First was Savannah's birthday at the local arcade. Savannah's one of three sisters, and I always enjoy having my girls around them, hoping their sweet nature will rub off a bit.
The birthday girl, Savannah.
Zachary, Laura, Savannah & Leah
Savannah with mom, Kim, Dad, Bill & sister Riley.
Making a wish.
In the evening the whole family joined in on the evening's festivities to wish Vanessa a Happy Birthday. The restaurant was smart and gave us our own room to take over for the night. They even had a lady that came through and created balloon animals. Any little thing to help entertain the kids is good in my book.
Vanessa blowing out the candles with Tucker in her lap.
The girls in the gift store.
After dinner we went across the street to a open air marketplace where a free band was providing entertainment. The kids loved the music and danced the night away.
Leah with Gavin & Laura

Color coordinated couple.
Laura with Vivian
Laura and Zachary
Ramon & Leah

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Jen said...

What a fun day for the kids.... and for us too! You captured some really great pictures.