Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday Nights

You never know when there will be a performance in our house. I guess it seemed like a perfect time for Laura to resurrect her rocking counter part "Hope's Eternal Flame". I did not help her or have any part in that name, it's the one she chose and the one she insisted I help her spell on the autograph she gave me.
Breaking it down, must be a ballad.
Back to the up tempo numbers.
She followed me outside when I had to get something out of the car, but it was much better lighting to film her next performance.

My parents gave us an unexpected, and very much appreciated date night. We chose Melting Pot for a special night out. We had not been there in a couple years, so it was nice to do something out of the ordinary.

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Jen said...

Laura looks so adorable in that costume. I look forward to watching the video. For some reason I can't open it right now though.