Sunday, June 28, 2009

How we celebrated Father's Day...

We spent Father's Day enjoying what our area has to offer, wonderful seafood and a beautiful beach. We started out the day at a locals' favorite seafood place, Dewey's, and had a delicious lunch.

We took a stroll on the pier where the girls were fascinated with the fish that the charter boats had brought in. Leah in particular was hypnotized watching the workers cleaning the catch. We basically had to drag her away so we could head to our next destination, the beach.
Dad, Joe & the girls on the docks.
All of us went a few miles down the road to one of our favorite beaches. Here the girls are pretending they are sea turtles in their nests.

Laura managed to make a new boyfriend in the short time we were there. She struck up a conversation about his little boogie board, and before I knew it he was giving her a surf lesson.
She had him pulling her through the surf.
That afternoon we were joined by some of our cousins and their two dogs. This one in particular was the biggest dog I have ever seen. I swear, he didn't even run like a dog, he cantered like my horses.
See my little beagle Hunter checking out Froto, the giant St. Bernard?

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