Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Rehearsal

Friday we headed up to the College to attend the girls' Dance Rehearsal. It was good for all of us to have a practice run at getting ready and making sure we actually made it to the stage with everything they needed. Both girls patiently sat still with minimal squirming while I put tons of goop in their hair to make sure their bangs did not escape the bun. This was followed by a nice layer of hairspray and numerous bobby pins, their hair was not going to come down. Then the fun part, they each got a little bit of make-up for their performances. Here we are arriving at the center.I've learned over the years that it's a dancers' tradition to not be seen in their costumes prior to the performance, so the girls arrived in their bathrobes.

Leah dressed for her ballet performance.

It's so touching for me to see my little girls get to have such great experiences together.
Mom helped me to get the girls and all of our stuff backstage. Life would be much more difficult without my wonderful family.
Leah walking down to Laura's dressing room in her jazz outfit.
Checking themselves out in the mirror.
Laura with her class: Ava, Stella, Laura, Emma & Kennedy
Love my precious little girl.
Here is their teacher, Ms. Pam, leading them out on the stage at rehearsal. This was an opportunity for them to step out on the big stage and soak in the whole thing. It can be pretty intimidating, but they all seemed excited to have their turn to dance.

They are all looking for their marks. Something that rose it's ugly head again on the night of the Recital, but luckily Laura is a tough little girl and she didn't let the fact that her mark was not there ruin her night. More on that in the recital entry.
A little grainy, but I was trying to take a picture of the girls getting ready to go onstage to do a run through of their ballet dance. It's so special to be able to be right there backstage and see their little faces as they anticipate the big moment.
Laura with her "angel wings" on. They are taught to place their hands on their shoulders in an angel wing fashion as they walk onto stage.
Leah with Savannah, she said that they had a good time together waiting their turns to dance.
All three girls together.
Waiting in the halls before their Jazz dance.
Leah & Madison playing Simon Says, they had to wait a very long time. Luckily the other backstage Mom had been a preschool teacher, she had great ideas to keep them entertained.
Love the pure joy of Leah's smile.
Krista and Leah
The girls after rehearsal posing by the Dancer statue in the theater's courtyard. Not sure why they are looking off like that, but I thought it was interesting how synchronized they were.

Mom said I needed to get in the picture, with all of my junk that I had lugged along with us.
After rehearsal we went to a local seafood restaurant and had a great dinner.
The girls found this old steering wheel on the deck of the restaurant.
It was a great rehearsal, next up the real deal!


Pam said...

Too cute. You know the tricks for an easy bun, right?

Jen said...

How fun! The girls looked adorable. Gavin and Zach enjoyed all the pictures. Even with the change in hair and makeup, they still easily identified Leah, Laura and Savannah. So cute!